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The Library is pleased to announce the addition of the following e-journal databases  
Proquest ABI/INFORM (Business Collection)

ACM Digital Library (Computing & IT)

ACM Computing Reviews (Computing)

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Step 6Review and evaluate your sources
Once you have compiled your resources, it is essential that you revisit them to check for quality and to detect any gaps in the information. You may have too much or too little information. Don't be tempted to accept all the resources gathered. You will need to decide what to accept. Remember that it is the quality of information presented that is important rather than the quantity. A good website to refer to is given below:
Click here to read on How To Critically Analyse Information Sources
If you are using the Internet to locate free resources, be sure that the website contains information that is authoritative, current and reliable. Keep in mind that anyone can post anything on the Web. It is up to the user to judge how good the information is.
How do you judge the quality of Internet resources? A good website to refer to is given below:
Checklist for Evaluating Web Resources by the University of Southern Maine Library
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Step 1:Develop your topic
Step 2:Find background information
Step 3:Use the Library catalogue
Step 4:Search MyDigital Library
Step 5:Find information on the World Wide Web (WWW)
Step 6:Review and evaluate your sources
Step 7:Cite your resources using a standard format
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