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1Find an article
Read journal articles to get up-to-date information on your area of research. Click on the sources below to search for the e-journal titles/articles :
SourceDatabase nameTitle
Online databaseAB-Chemistry(i) Advances in Physical Chemistry
(ii) Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry
Online databaseDirectory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ)(i) Bound states in delta function potentials / Geltman Sydney
(ii) The possibility of many compensation points in a mixed-spin using ferromagnetic system / Mohamed Hadey K
(iii) Information theory of networks / Dehmer Matthias
(iv) PMC Physics B
(v) European Journal of Physics Education
2Find a book (subject classification)
The library catalogue (MyCatalogue) tells you what the library owns. Use the following Library of Congress Subject Headings or appropriate keywords.
Atomic structureAtomic theoryBiochemistryChemical elements
Chemical, Physical and theoreticalChemistryChemistry, AnalyticChemistry, Analytic-Laboratory manuals
Chemistry, Analytic-Programmed instructionChemistry, Analytic-QualitativeChemistry, Analytic-QuantitativeChemistry, Analytic-Statistical methods
Chemistry-Computer, assisted instructionChemistry-Computer programmesChemistry-DictionariesChemistry-Examinations
Chemistry -- Examinations -- Study guidesChemistry -- Handbooks, manuals, etcChemistry -- HistoryChemistry -- Inorganic
Chemistry, Inorganic -- Research -- PeriodicalsChemistry -- OrganicChemistry -- Organic -- ExaminationsChemistry, Physical and theoretical
Chemistry, Physical and theoretical -- ExaminationsChemistry, Physical and theoretical -- Problems, exercises, etcChemistry, Physical and theoretical -- TextbooksChemistry -- Popular works
Chemistry -- Problems, exercises, etcChemistry -- Study and teachingChemistry -- Study guidesChemistry -- Technical
Chemistry, Technical -- Environmental aspectsChemistry, Technical -- TextbooksChemistry -- TextbooksElectricity
Electricity and magnetismElectromagneticElectromagnetic -- TheoryElectromagnetic fields
Electromagnetic fields -- Problems, exercises, etcElectromagnetic theoryElectromagnetic wavesHeat and thermodynamics
MagnetismMechanicsMechanics, AnalyticMechanics, Applied
Mechanics -- Problems, exercises, etcNuclear physicsOpticsOptics -- Industrial application
PhysicsPhysics -- Computer-assisted instructionPhysics -- DictionariesPhysics -- Engineering
Physics -- ExaminationPhysics -- Examination -- Study guidesPhysics -- ExperimentsPhysics -- Handbook, manuals, etc.
Physics -- History/td>Physics -- Juvenile literaturePhysics -- Key ideasPhysics -- Laboratory manuals
Physics -- MethodologyPhysics -- Problem, exercises, etc.Physics -- PhilosophyPhysics -- SACE 2
Physics -- SAGE stage 2Physics -- ScientistsPhysics -- Study and teachingPhysics -- Study and teaching (Secondary)
Physics -- Study and teaching (Elementary)Physics -- Study guidesPhysics -- TextbooksRadiation
Quantum mechanicsQuantum physicsVibrationWeights and measures
3Find print sources
A selected list of books on Physics available in the library's collection to help you get started on your research :
Call NumberTitleCall NumberTitle
General Collections
Q161.2 M659Core science / Peter EvansQA805 J45Introducing mechanics / Tony Beadsworth
QA805 S126Understanding mechanics / A J SadlerQA805 Q12 2009Mechanics 1 / Dougles Quadling
QA805 Q12 2009Mechanics 3 and 4 / Douglas QuadlingQA809 K62Graded exercises in mechanics / Ann Kitchen
QA935 S495Schaum's Outline of theory and problems of mechanical vibrations / William W SetoQB981 K735 2011Higher speculations: grand theories and failed revolutions in physics and cosmology / Helge Kragh
QC20 S615 1957B.Sc. practical physics / Harnam SinghQC21.2 B4742University physics / Harris Benson
QC21.2 C467 1995Physics 'A' level course / David ChappleQC21.2 I61 2008A/A2 physics / Chris Mee et al.
QC21.2 J67Advanced physics for you / Simone HewettQC212 L111 2007Engineering physics / Sathish LA
QC21.2 P747 2010Physics for matriculation: semester 1 / Poh Liong Yong and Lee Beng HinQC21.2 R738Modern physics from A to Z / James William Rohlf
QC21.2 S4922Principles of physics / John R GordonQC21.3 J77 2001Contemporary college physics / Edwin Jones and Richard Childrers
QC21.3 G433 2008Physics for scientists and engineers with modern physics, vol.1 /Douglas C GiancoliQC21.3 P745 2003STPM physics: volume 1 / Poh Liong Yong
QC21.3 S481 2007Essentials of college physics / Raymond A.Serway and Chris VuilleQC21.3 V987 2009College physics / Chris Vuille, Raymond A Serway and Jerry S Faughn
QC23 D327Physics one: energy in everyday life, movement and electricity / Eddy De JongQC23 D9123GCSE physics / Tom Duncan
QC32 L45Physics - key ideas: part 1 /Andrew OlesnickyQC23 J37Physics through applications
QC23 P229Fundamentals of senior physics: laboratory manual / R T ParhamQC23 S225Further physics / David Sang
QC23.2 C988 2010Introduction to physics / John D Cutnell and Kenneth W JohnsonQC23.2 G854 2001The physics of everyday phenomen: a conceptual introduction to physics / W Thomas Griffith
QC23.2 S481 2008Physics for scientists and engineers / Raymond A Serway and John W Jewett, JrQC30 C973Hands-on physics activities with real-life applications: easy-to-use labs and demonstrations for grades 8-12 / James Cunningham
QC30 P922 2006Pre-university physics / Nor Sabirin Mohamed et. al.QC32 B725Revise AS Physics / Graham Booth
QC32 O452Physics - key ideas: SACE stage 2, part 1 / Andrew OlesnickyQC32 O452Physics SACE stage 2: workbook / Andrew Olesnicky
QC32 L45Physics trial exam 2007 / Andrew OlesnickyQC32 P831 2009AS & A Level physics through diagrams / Stephen Pople and Carol Tear
QC32 S252SASTA physics study guide 2007QC32 T645 2011A-level study guide: physics (higher 2) / C S Toh
QC32 T646 2010A-level practice MCQ: physics / C S TohQC32 W9592Solutions to problems in A-level physics / Christopher Wu
QC33 N822Experimental physics: an introduction / Nor Aini Naim et al.QC37 B5187Laboratory experiments in college physics / Cicero H Bernard
QC37 M486Advanced level practical work for physics / Mike CrundellQC91 I22Mastering metric measures / Betty J Iehl
QC125.5 G786 2007Classical mechanics / R Douglas GregoryQC129 A3153Practice in physics / Tim Akrill
QC136 P664 2006The physics of vibration / A B PippardQC173 G411 1991Atomic physics: [modern physics] /S N Ghoshal
QC174.12 G2472Quantum physics / Stephen GasiorowiczQC311 L193 2007Heat thermodynamics and statistical physics / Brij Lal and N Subrahmanyam
QC355.2 B573Workout waves and optics / John BeynonQC355.2 S941 2006A textbook of optics / N Subrahmanyam and Brij Lal
QC447.9 K45 2004Fiber optics and optoelectronics / R P KhareQC451 061Atomic structure: units 11 and 12 / The Open University
QC475 M131Health physics / Alexander ElliottQC518 V328Fundamentals of magnetism and electricity / D N Vasudeva
QC522 T354 1987Electricity and magnetism with electronics / K K TewariQC523 D8572Electricity and magnetism /W J Duffin
QC64 N565Truth of science: physical theories and reality / Roger G NewtonQC665 E4 B924Electronic magnetic fields /Ruth V Buckley
QC670 C426Electric and magnetic interactions / Ruth W ChabayQC670 B575 2012Fundamentals of engineering electromagnetics / Sunil Bhooshan
QC753.2 B658 2012Magnetism: a very short introduction /Stephen BlundellQC753.2 G258 2011Molecular nanomagnets / Dante Gatteschi, Roberta Sessoli and Jacques Villain
QC753.2 J61Introduction to magnetism and magnetic materials / David JilesQC760 C5182Field and wave electromagnetics / David K Cheng
QC760 G778 2004Electromagnetic field theory fundamentals / Bhag Singh Guru and Huseyin R HizirogluQC776 D229Introduction to nuclear and particle physics /Ashok Das
QD11 B474History of chemistry / Bernadette Bensaude-VincentQD31.2 C595Chemistry: the science and the scene / Ronald D Clark
QD31.2 C934Mastering chemistry / P CritchlowQD31.2 C5172Chemical ideas / George Burton et. al.
QD31.2 G3269 2007General chemistry: principles and modern applications / Ralph H Petrucci et. al.QD31.2 H6313Comprehensive chemistry / John Hicks
QD31.2 H7585Fundamentals of general, organic and biological chemistry / John R HolumQD31.2 L913Chemistry, industry and the environment / James N Lowe
QD31.2 L932Chemical reactions: theory and exercises for senior secondary school / N LucarelliQD31.2 N496Chemistry for the IB Diploma: standard and higher level / Geoff Neuss
QD31.2 N496Chemistry for the IB Diploma: standard and higher level / Geoff NeussQD31.2 S438 2005Chemistry for today: general, organic, and biochemistry / Spencer L Seager and Michael R Slabaugh
QD31.2 X1 2008Principles of modern chemistry / David W Oxtoby, H P Gillis and Alan CampionQD33 A111 1994ABC chemistry: answering basic concepts: a student revision guide for year 1 chemistry / R B Holloway et. al.
QD33 C224Chemistry for advanced level / Peter CannQD33.2 B622An introduction to chemistry / Mark Bishop
QD33.2 B798 2009Chemistry / James E Brady, Fred Senese and Neil D JespersenQD33.2 L911Understanding chemistry by Raymond Chang
QD37 S8592Applied chemistry / William R StineQD42 E92 2013Chemistry SACE 2 revision guide / Christopher Evans and Michael McCann
QD42 L6752AS and A Level chemistry through diagrams / Michael LewisQD42 N858 2011Cambridge international AS and A level chemistry coursebook / Roger Norris, Lawrie Ryan and David Acaster
QD42 P266Chemistry: facts and practice for A Level / Max ParsonageQD42 R321A-Level 1000 chemistry MCQ with HELPS
QD42 S252SASTA Chemistry study guide 2005QD42 S788 2009The elements of senior chemistry student workbook for use with the IB diploma programme: book two / Ray Stanley and Sandra Reynolds
QD42 T161GCE A-level chemistry: a progressive revision study guide / Tan B LQD42 T648 2010A-level study guide: chemistry (higher 2) / Toh C S
QD65 L2745Lange's Handbook of chemistry / John A DeanQD75.22 F979 2004Fundamentals of analytical chemistry / Douglas A Skoog et. al.
QD75.4 S24 A549Sample pretreatment and separation analytical chemistry by open learning / Richard AndersonQD76 P947Quality in the analytical chemistry laboratory / Elizabeth Prichard
QD81 V8786Vogel's qualitative inorganic analysis / G SvehlaQD96 W713Gas chromatography / J E Willett
QD101.2 C5552Analytical chemistry /Gary D ChristianQD111 C776Classical methods / Derek Cooper
QD253 S4383Organic and biochemistry for today / Spencer L SeagerQD251.2 B321Molecular identification and bonding / Alan Bassindale et. al.
QD251.2 C466Transition metals, quantitative kinetics and applied organic chemistry / Brian ChapmanQD251.2 T245Block 3 reaction mechanism: an introduction (S246 unit 7 - 9) / Richard Taylor
QD257 H678Organic chemistry: text for Pre-U, STPM, Matriculation: extracts from 1999-2002 / Hon Yoon HoQD415 A3 W874Introducing biochemistry / W R Pickering
QD453 P397 A111Physical chemistry, principles of chemical change: Block A: Heterogeneous catalysis / The Open UniversityQD453.2 A8743The elements of physical chemistry / Peter Atkins
QD453.2 E57 2006Physical chemistry / Thomas Engel and Philip ReidQD453.3 A874 2014Physical chemistry: a very short introduction / Peter Atkins
QD453.3 L655 2009Physical chemistry / Ira N LevineQD456 M596 19902000 solved problems in physical chemistry / Clyde R Metz
QD476 I732Physical organic chemistry / Neil S IsaacsQP514.2 V8762Biochemistry
QP514.2 W5825Principles of biochemistry / Abraham WhiteTA350 H624 2010Engineering mechanics, statics / R C Hibbeler
TA351 B4152Vector mechanics for engineers: statics / Ferdinand P BeerTA355 F411Mechanical and structural vibrations / Demeter G Fertis
TA405 H624 2011Mechanics of materials / R C HibbelerTD194 H217Chemistry in the environment: readings from Scientific American / Carole L Hamilton
TJ170 K45 2005Theory of machines / R S Khurmi and J K GuptaTK153 S539 2009Applied electromagnetism / Liang Chi Shen and Jin Au Kong
TK3201 T4713Electrical installation technology / F G ThompsonTP155 D213A textbook of engineering chemistry / S S Dara
Reference Collections
REF QC5 C955AS/A-Level Physics: essential word dictionary / Crundell MikeREF QC5 D5544A Dictionary of physics / Alan Isaacs (ed.)
REF QC5 I87Istilah fizik KBSM: Bahasa Inggeris-Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Malaysia-Bahasa InggerisREF QC5 M1473McGraw-Hill Dictionary of physics
REF QC5 P46 2000The Penguin dictionary of physicsREF QC61 C467Schaum's A-Z physics / Michael Chapple
REF QD5 D5545 A dictionary of chemistryREF QD5 M522 2003The Penguin dictionary of chemistry / David W A Sharp (ed.)
REF QD5 P243 McGraw-Hill dictionary of chemistryREF QD65 H939Schaum's A-Z chemistry / Andrew Hunt
Audio-Visual Collections
QC21.2 S411Interactive journey through physics [CD ROM] / Cindy SchwarzQC27.2 P578Introductory physics: crash course [CD ROM]
QC665 E4 G981Electromagnetic field theory fundamentals [CD ROM] / Bhag Singh GuruQD33.2 S9422Conceptual chemistry: understanding our world of atoms and molecules [CD-ROM]
QD42 S788 2008The elements of senior chemistry student workbook for use with the IB diploma programme: book one / Ray Stanley, Sandra Reynolds, Corri Baker and Hilary Coleman [CD-ROM]QD151.2 S5613Inorganic chemistry [CD-ROM] / P W Atkins
WOU Course Materials
LB1028 TEE203/05 W356 2013TEE203/05 Discovering Physics and Chemistry: course guide [electronic resource]
4Find online databases
NoDatabase name
iiEBSCO e-books Business with Academic Collection
iiiDirectory of Open Access Books
ivDirectory of Open Access Journal
5Find e-book sources
Database nameE-book Title
Books24x7(i) Handbook of surveillance technologies (3rd ed.) / J K Peterson
(ii) Understanding surveillance technologies: spy devices, privacy, history, and applications, revised and expanded / J K Peterson
(iii) From Edison to Enron: the business of power and what it means for the future of electricity / Richard Munson
(iv) The art of quantum planning: lessons from quantum physics for breakthrough strategy, innovation and leadership / Gerald Harris
(v) Leadership and the new science: discovering order in a chaotic world (3rd ed.) / Margaret J Wheatley
(vi) Designing sound / Andy Farnell
(vii) Sensor technology handbook / Jon S Wilson
(viii) The chemistry of change: problems, phases and strategy / Francois Dupuy
EBSCOHost(i) From Clockwork to crapshoot: a history of physics / Roger G Newton
(ii) Physics / Hardie R Aristotle and Gaye R P
(iii) Electromagnetics for high-speed analog and digital communication circuits / Ali M Niknejad
(iv) Handbook of power system engineering / Yoshihidi Hase
(v) Practical problems in VLSI physical design automation / Sung Kyu Lim
(vi) Electronics technology handbook / Neil Sclater
(vii) The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki / Project Gutenberg
(viii) The ninth vibration and other stories / Adams Beck L
(ix) Introduction to structural dynamics / Bruce K Donaldson
JSTOR(i) Physics / Raymond W Osborne
(ii) Lost in a black hole: the near total absence of African Americans in a academic study of physics / The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
(iii) Emergent physics and micro-ontology / Margaret Marrison
(iv) Some educational activities in physics / W C Kelly
(v) How students understand physics equations / Bruce L Sherin
(vi) Epistemological beliefs in introductory physics / David Hammer
(vii) Inverse problems in physics / R G Newton
(viii) The acquisition of qualitative physics knowledge during textbook-based physics training / Rolf Ploetzner and Kurt Vanlehn
(ix) Statistical physics / W S Franklin
(x) Toward an epistemology of physics
E-books Centre
(i) Introduction to econophysics / H Eugene Stanley
(ii) Patterns of speculation / Bertrand M Roehner (ed.)
(iii) From clockwork to crapshoot: a history of physics / Roger G Newton
(iv) Electricity and magnetism / Kyle Kirkland
6Internet sources
Below is a selective list of Internet sources related to Humanities. The list is incomplete. We welcome suggestions to expand it.
WebsitesAll About Physics
ACS Publication
American Chemical Society Journals ACS)
Information about the World Wide Web from the place where it was invented. Just about anything you'd want to know about the Web can be found here or in links from here. The main thrust of the site is the Laboratory's work in Particle Physics.
Contemporary Physics Education Project
Elevator Physics: Newton's Laws
Environetbase : Environmental Science Handbook (Consortium)
Particle Data Group
If you are interested in particle physics, the PDG has a very interesting and helpful site for you here. It includes The Review of Particle Physics, celebrating its 40th year in publication, and The Particle Adventure, an interactive tour of the parts of an atom.
Physics Central
The Physics Classroom
The Second Superstring Revolution
Brief history of superstrings and their basic ideas, resolve contradictions with special relativity and quantum theory, and discuss supersymmetry
The Wonders of Physics
A comprehensive site dedicated to furthering the knowledge of physics and broadening the minds of many individuals
Science Direct
OrganisationsAgensi Nuklear Negara
Halal Industry Development Corporation
Jabatan Kimia Malaysia
Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia
International OrganisationsAmerican Institute of Physics (AIP)
AIP serves a federation of physical science societies in a common mission to promote physics and allied fields.
Asia Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics
European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering & Science
European Association of Nuclear Medicine
European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics
European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology
European Society of Radiology
Federation of African Medical Physics Organisation
Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Being on the path of both infrastructure development and research diversification for more than 80 years, the Institute has eventually originated five more specialized research institutions.
Institute of Physics (IOP Electronics Journals)
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Centre for Theoretical Physics
International Council for Science
International Organisation for Medical Physics
International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Physics - MIT OpenCourseWare
Southeast Asian Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics
The American Association of Physicists in Medicine
The British Institute of Radiology
United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation
OER Sites (Search for section on Physics)ARIADNE
Benjamin Crowell
College Open Textbooks
Flat World Libraries of The University of Oklahoma
Motion Mountain The Free Physics Textbook
Openstax College
Open Textbook Library
The Physics Classroom
Lecture videos
Khan Academy
MIT Open Courseware
Open Yale Courses
7Find newspapers article
Newspapers provide current news on matters of general interest. You may need to do further searching on your topic using detailed sources.
NoFree e-Newspaper
iAgenda Daily
iiBerita Harian Online
iiiHarian Metro
ivMalay Mail Online
vNew Straits Times Online
viThe Star Online
viiThe Sun Daily
viiUtusan Online
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