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The Library is pleased to announce the following Trial e-journal databases on Lingustics/Language subjects.  
MLA International Bibliography Journal Full Text [access until 12 July 2024]

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Use to check for instances of plagiarism!

Turnitin Reminder for WOU Students :

WOU students must passage their assignments to the Turnitin system before submission to encourage honest academic writing. Exception is given to few courses only, as advised by the respective Lecturers.
1What is Turnitin?
Turnitin is a web-based text-matching learning tool system that works by comparing electronically submitted papers to billions of pages of content located on the Internet and proprietary databases as well as the work of other students whose papers have also been submitted into the system.
Turnitin is part of the University's educational approach to minimize plagiarism and ensure standards of academic honesty. Be clear of what is your own work and acknowledge the work and ideas of others correctly. Providing proper citation is an important part of academic writing.
This web-based system is open to Academic staff, tutor and student to use.
2What does Turnitin do?
Turnitin scans your written work against other sources in its database looking for matching text. Sections that matched with other sources are highlighted and identified.
It can help you identify where your source of information comes from and check on your citations. The information provided may suggest that your work has been plagiarized.
It also provides you with information about correct citations and where you can find more help in your academic writing.
The analysis of submitted paper will generate Turnitin Originality Report and Overall Similarity Index which will be made available to you.
The Originality Reports are represented in the user's Inbox by a colour-coded icon. Click on the coloured square to view the actual report. The colour of the icon indicates the overall similarity index in percentage.

The colour of the report indicates:
RankSimilarity indexDescription
1.BlueLess than 20 matching words
2.Green0-24% matching text
3.Yellow25-49% matching text
4.Orange50-74% matching text
5.Red75-100% matching text
You can print or download the Originality Reports to use for future reference or as a proof that your written paper has been checked.
3What can I submit to Turnitin?
Turnitin accepts submission of documents in the following formats: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, PDF, RTF, PostScript, HTML, plain text (.txt).
Turnitin only accepts document size limit of not more than 20 MB. Kindly note that Turnitin cannot read password protected documents, please ensure that you do not save your document in this way.
The processing time to generate Originality Report for each submission depends very much on the file size of the document and network traffic. For example, a 15-20 pages document will take not more than 15 minutes. However it will take up to 24 hours for resubmission documents. You can resubmit multiple drafts of your written document for checking. Your newer draft will overwrite the older one.
Question : What are the benefits for users?
Answer :It promotes academic integrity (avoid plagiarism) and provides formative online assessment with feedback.
Question : How do I interpret the Originality Report?
Answer : Refer to the colour of the report icon which indicates the overall similarity index of your paper. The percentage range from 0% to 100% (refer to the colour descriptions under What does Turnitin do section). However this indices is only an indication, it does not reflect whether your paper has or has not been plagiarised.
Question : Does Turnitin violates my copyright?
No. As your paper become part of the database, Turnitin helps to protect your paper from being exploited by others.
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5Advice for student on plagiarism
Click here.
For Student, to get started, you can view from these Video Tutorials Part 1 and Part 2.
For further information and support:
  • Check out Turnitin Student Trainings : Provides plenty of instructional and tutorial videos to help you to use the Turnitin features and functions.
  • If you experience technical problems with Turnitin, submit your problem with details to
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