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Title & AuthorYearView e-book
1Risk accounting and risk management for accountants / Dimitris N Chorafas2008
2Accounting for dummies (4th ed) / John A Tracy 2008
3Keeping the books: basic record keeping and accounting and up-to-date tax information for the successful small business (7th ed.) / Linda Pinson2008
4Internal controls : guidance for private, government and non-profit entities / Lynford Graham2008
5Project management accounting : budgeting, tracking and reporting costs and profitability / Kevin R Callahan, Gary S Stetz and Lynn M Brooks2007
6Understanding different cost accounting solutions / Gerald Najarian2007

7Strategic business planning for accountants : methods, tools and case studies (1st ed) / Dimitris N Chorafas2007
8Advances in management accounting / Marc J Epstein and John Y Lee (eds) 2007
9Advances in accounting education : teaching and curriculum innovations (volume 8) / Bill N Schwartz and Anthony Catanach (eds)2007
10Management accounting : brisk and control strategy (CIMA's official Learning System: Strategic Level) / Paul M Collier and Sam Agyei-Ampomah2007
11International accounting standards : from UK standards to IAS - an accelerated route to understanding the key principles / Paul Rodgers2007
12Lean accounting : best practices for sustainable integration / Joe Stenzel (ed)2007
13Management accounting best practices (5th ed) / Steven M Bragg2007
14A guide to forensic accounting investigation / Thomas W Golden, Steven L Skalak and Mona M Clayton 2006
15How to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 : assessing the effectiveness of internal control (2nd ed) / Michael Ramos2006
16Case studies in performance management : a guide from the experts / Tony Adkins (ed)2006
17International financial reporting standards : a practical guide (4th ed) / Hennie van Greuning2006
18Accounting in a nutshell / Janet Walker2006
19IFRS, fair value and corporate governance : the impact on budgets, balance sheets and management accounts (1st ed) / Dimitris N Chorafas 2006
20Performance measurement and management control : improving organizations and society / Marc J Epstein and Jean-Franocois Manzoni (eds) 2006
21Financial accounting and tax principle (CIMA's Official Learning System: Managerial Level)2006
22Management accounting : financial strategy / John Ogilvie2006
23Management accounting : decision management / Louise Burke 2006
24Management accounting : performance evaluation (Managerial level - Paper P1 ) / Bob Scarlett 2006
25Fundamentals of financial accounting : CIMA certificate in business accounting / Henry Lunt2006
26Beyond the market : designing non-market accounts for the United States / Katharine G Abraham and Christopher Mackie (eds.)2005
27The ultimate accountants' reference : including GAAP, IRS & SEC regulations, leases, and more / Steven M Bragg2005
28The vest pocket CPA / Joel G. Siegel, Nick Dauber and Jae K Shim2005
29The essential handbook of internal auditing / K H Spencer Pickett 2005
30Accounting for non-accountants : a manual for managers and students / Graham Mott 2005
31Accounting best practices / Steven M Bragg2004
32Accounting demystified / Jeffry R Haber 2004
33Accounting for payroll : a comprehensive guide / Steven M Bragg 2004
34GAAP implementation guide / Steven M Bragg2004
35Bookkeeping and accounting : based on Schaum's outline of theory and problems of bookkeeping and accounting (3rd ed.) / Joel J Lerner2004
36Auditor's dictionary : terms, concepts, processes and regulations / David O'Regan2004
37Sarbanes-Oxley and the new internal auditing rules / Robert R Moeller2004
38The internal auditor at work : a practical guide to everyday challenges / K H Spencer Pickett2004
39Professionalism and accounting rules / Brian P West2003
40Essentials of payroll : management and accounting / Steven M Bragg2003
41International finance and accounting handbook / Frederick D S Choi (ed.)2003
42Why and how audits must change : practical guidance to improve your audits / Thomas P Houck2003
43International auditing : practical resource guide / David O'Regan2003
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