Why Use Different Media/Technology for Instruction?

Utilisation of media technology is no longer unfamiliar to the educational community. With the recent developments of media technology in education, there are many benefits of integrating media into the teaching and learning process, among these include:
  • to draw the attention of students;
  • to help students to recall what they had learnt;
  • to present new and complex content;
  • to provide examples and illustrations;
  • to generate interaction and discussion;
  • to ensure retention of knowledge;
  • to facilitate application of knowledge; and
  • to cater to the individual needs of all the students.

Figure 2.5 Edgar Dale Cone of Experience Media by Jeffrey Anderson
Source: http://www.edutechie.ws/2007/10/09/cone-of-experience-media/

IDevice Icon Activity 2.4
Try to recollect your experience with respect to remembering things, then check with the information given in Figure 2.4. Which cone of experience best fits your case?

There are many media materials are available in the system for use by teachers.  Teachers with some background of training could be able to develop, adapt certain kind of materials such as handouts, drawings, charts, graphs, overhead transparencies, slides, audio tapes etc., whereas other materials like filmstrips, video films, computer software etc. developed by professional agencies and organisations can also be used.  Each type has its own merits and use in the type and nature of instruction delivered
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Please go through Chapter 9 - Instructional Media: Chalkboards to Video of the Instruction at FSU: A Guide to Teaching and Learning Practices Office of Distance Learning by The Florida State University (2011)


The chapter discusses different issues regarding the types of media that can be used for instruction, the reasons to use each media type, and various instructional strategies involving media. The chapter provides tips for using each media type, from chalkboards to clickers and video. In addition it also provides an explanatory note on Dale's Cone of Experience.

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