This section discussed the meaning of instructional technology and its relevance in designing instruction for delivery in the classrooms. The section attempted to highlight the need to select media which is appropriate to the content to be delivered, learning objectives to be achieved, the context, and the learning styles of students for maximum impact. These aspects should be considered while selecting the appropriate technology for instruction.

IDevice Icon Self-test 2.1
  1. List the steps in involved in designing instruction for classroom teaching. Explain any one step with appropriate examples.
  2. Even today the teachers use predominantly the chalk board as classroom technology even though the sophisticated technologies are available. Mention any three reasons for this.
  3. Explain the importance of using media for teaching.
  4. Look at the Figures 2.5 and explain:
a. If a teacher uses only lecture method, what learning outcomes he/she is likely to achieve?
b. Explain how the students could be made more active learners in the classrooms

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