Welcome Note

Dear Student,

I am Mr S. Vighnarajah, your course coordinator for the course EED 502/05 ICT in Education. This course will present to you an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of the use of ICT in the teaching and learning process. On this note, this course seeks to enhance and equip students with necessary skills needed to implement ICT in their curriculum, including skills in using computer hardware, software and connectivity for effective instruction. In addition, students will also be able to select and organise materials equipment, and technological tools needed to conduct instruction and accomplish desired educational outcomes.

Please read the units thoroughly and make your own notes. Do make an effort to attempt all the activities and self-tests as they will reinforce your understanding of the units. Do also attend all tutorial sessions as these sessions will provide the opportunity for you to address any doubts that you may have about the course.

Your tutor will guide you through this course. Do not hesitate in seeking your tutor's guidance and advice. You can reach your tutor, course coordinator and even your course mates via our online learning management system called WawasanLearn. Please refer to our email service for the latest news and updates on this course.

The tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) for this course are available on WawasanLearn. Should you encounter difficulties in accessing WawasanLearn or in downloading the TMAs, please contact your Regional Office immediately. We are always here to help you.

Manage your time wisely; allocate enough time for study and assignments. Plan ahead, set realistic goals and work to achieve them. Make this academic journey an enjoyable one.

Good luck and best wishes for your studies.


Warm regards,

S. Vighnarajah
Course Coordinator
Email: svighna@wou.edu.my

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