Course Overview

EED 502/05 ICT in Education is a five credit course and will be presented over a semester. This course is part of a suite of 5 basic education courses that make up the Masters in Education programme at the Wawasan Open University. This course introduces you to a variety of information and communication technologies (ICT) with special reference to their value to and application in education at the pre tertiary level.

The course introduces teachers to the technologies and their application in the classroom as well as in curriculum planning using the educational theories around the use of these technologies in different contexts.

A part of the course will also draw attention to policies around the technologies, strategies to introduce the technologies into the school environment and the opportunities they present for research and development in education.

Attention will also be drawn to the different types of hardware and software particularly technologies that promote free social networking through mobiles and the Internet. The impact of the emerging social media in the educational ecosystem will be presented.

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