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Title & AuthorYearView e-book
1Inclusive leadership: the essential leader-follower relationship / Edwin P Hollander 2009
2Lead by example: 50 ways great leaders inspire results / John Baldoni2009
3Everything I know about business I learned at McDonald's: the leadership principles that drive break out success / Paul Facella with Adina Genn2009
4Engaging the hearts and mind of all your employees: how to ignite passionate performance for better business results / Lee J Colan2009
5Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty: the new rules for getting the right things done in difficult times / Ram Charan2009
6Motivate like a CEO: communicate your strategic vision and inspire people to act! / Suzanne Bates2009
7Strategic leadership and decision making (1st ed) / Thomas Fernandes2009
8The new leader's 100-day action plan: how to take charge, build your team and get immediate results (2nd ed) / George B Bradt, Jayme A Check and Jorge E Pedraza2009
9Performance leadership: the next practices to motivate your people, align stakeholders and lead your industry / Frank Buytendijk2009
10Leadership, feedback and the open communication gap / Leanne E Atwater and David A Waldman2008
11The art of followership : how great followers create great leaders and organizations / Ronald E Riggio, Ira Chaleff and Jean Lipman-Blumen (eds.)2008
12The new gold standard: 5 leadership principles for creating a legendary customer experience courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company / Joseph a Michelli2008
13Re-energizing the corporation: how leaders make change happen / Jonas Ridderstreale and Mark Wilcox2008
14The top performer's guide to leadership: essential skills that put you on top / Judith Orloff2008
15The accountable leader: developing effective leadership through managerial accountability / Brian Dive2008
16Leadership and the sexes: using gender science to create success in business (1st ed) / Michael Gurian with Barbara Annis2008
17Positive leadership: strategies for extraordinary performance / Kim Cameron2008
18Making sense of leadership: exploring the five key roles used by effective leaders / Esther Cameron and Mike Green2008
19A coach's guide to emotional intelligence: strategies for developing successful leaders / Marcia Hughes and James Bradford Terrell2008
20Building character: strengthening the heart of good leadership / Gene Klann2007
21Apples are square: thinking differently about leadership - the 6 critical values that are changing the way we lead and succeed / Susan Smith Kuczmarski and Thomas D Kuczmarski2007
22Leadership when the heat's on: 24 lessons in high performance management / Danny Cox with John Hoover2007
23What do leaders really do? getting under the skin of what makes a great leader tick / Jeff Grout and Liz Fisher2007
24Boosting your leadership skills / Patricia Fripp2007
25Energy leadership: transforming your workplace and your life from the core / Bruce D Schneider2008
26The global business leader: practical advice for success in a transcultural marketplace / J Frank Brown2007
27Ten thousand horses: how leaders harness raw potential for extraordinary results (1st ed) / John Stanhl-Wert and Ken Jennings2007
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