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Title & AuthorYearView e-book
1The science of wealth: Adam Smith and the framing of political economy / Tony Aspromourgos2009
2Globalization: a reference handbook / Justin Ervin and Zachary A Smith2008
3The price of prosperity: a realistic appraisal of the future of our national economy / Peter L Bernstein2008
4Stabilizing an unstable economy / Hyman P Minsky 2008
5A future of good jobs? America's challenge in the global economy / Timothy J Bartik and Susan N Houseman (eds.)2008
6The institutional economics of corruption and reform / Johann Graf Lambsdorff2007
7The economics of Europe and the European Union / Larry Neal2007
8Islam and the moral economy / Charles Tripp2006
9Australian export : a guide to law and practice / Justin Malbon 2006
10Entrepreneurship, geography and American economic growth / Zoltan Acs2006
11Walrasian economics / Donald A Walker2006
12The economics of education / Daniele Checchi2006
13The economics of input-output analysis / Thijs Ten Raa2006
14Trade, exchange rate and growth in sub-Saharan Africa / Jean-Paul Azam2006
15Sustainable fossil fuels / Mark Jaccard2006
16Knowledge accumulation and industry evolution : the case of Pharma-Biotech / Mariana Mazzucato2006
17Standards and public policy / Victor Stango2006
18Imperfect knowledge and monetary policy / Otmar Issing2006
19The structure of post-Keynesian economics / G C Harcourt2006
20Handbook of procurement / Giancarlo Spagnolo2006
21Measuring efficiency in health care / Rowena Jacobs2006
22The wealth of ideas : a history of economic thought / Alessandro Roncaglia2005
23A concise handbook of movie industry economics / Charles C Moul (ed.) 2005
24Essays on the history of economics / Warren J Samuels et al2005
25How economists model the world into numbers / Marcel Boumans2005
26The economics of franchising / Francine Lafontaine2005
27The business of projects / Michael Hobday2005
28The technological economy / Andrew Barry and Don Slater (eds.)2005
29Natural resources and economic development / Edward B Barbier2005
30Emissions trading for climate policy : US and European perspectives / Bernd Hansjurgen2005
31The economics of mobile telecommunications / Harald Gruber2005
32Economic policy in the age of globalisation / Brendan Jones2005
33Foundations for a disequilibrium : theory of the business cycle / Peter Flaschel2005
34An eponymous dictionary of economics : a guide to laws and theorems named after economists / Julio Segura and Carlos Rodriguez Braun (ed.)2004
35Comparative economics in a transforming world economy / J Barkley Rosser, Jr and Marina V Rosser2004
36Economics : the basics / Tony Cleaver2004
37Global capital markets / Alan M Taylor2004
38Implementing e-commerce strategies : a guide to corporate success after the bust / Mark J Epstein2004
39Post-war migration in southern Europe : 1950-2000 - an economic analysis / Alessandra Venturini2004
40T R Malthus : the unpublished paper in the collection of Kanto Gakuen University (volume 2) / T R Malthus and J M Pullen2004
41The evolutionary foundations of economics / Kurt Dopfer (ed.)2004
42Growing public : the story (volume 1) / Peter H Lindert2004
43Growing public: further evidence (volume 2) / Peter H Lindert2004
44The international yearbook of environmental and resource economics 2004/2005 : a survey of current issues / Tom Tietenberg and Henk Folmer (eds.)2004
45Sectoral systems of innovation / Franco Malerba2004
46The IMF and its critics : reform of global financial architecture / David Vines2004
47Monetary policy, fiscal policies and labour markets / C Favero2004
48The economics of information technology / Carl Shapiro2004
49Building a dynamic Europe / Jordi Gual2004
50Auctioning public assets / Maarten Janssen2004
51Corporate environmentalism and public policy / John W Maxwell2004
52Generational income mobility in North America and Europe / Miles Corak2004
53Economic growth and macroeconomic dynamics / Stephen J Turnovsky2004
54Moving people, goods, and information in the 21st century : the cutting-edge infrastructures of networked cities / Richard Hanley (ed.)2004
55Locating global advantage : industry dynamics in the international economy / Martin Kenney with Richard Florida (eds.)2004
56The economics of self-employment and entrepreneurship / Simon C Parker2004
57Economics and the theory of games / Fernando Vega-Redondo2003
58Nonlinear dynamics / Alfredo Media and Marji Lines2003
59Financial crisis and transformation of Korean business groups : the rise and fall of chaebols / Chang Sea-Jin2003
60Innovation and knowledge creation in an open economy : Canadian industry and international implications / Petr Hanel2003
61Stated choice methods / Jordan J Louviere2003
62Basic mathematics for economists / Mike Rosser2003
63Applied environmental economics / Julii S Brainard2003
64The divergent dynamics of economic growth / Richard H Day2003
65The divergent dynamics of economic growth : studies in adaptive economizing, technological change and economic development / Richard H Day2003
66Regulation and entry into telecommunications markets / Paul de Brijl2003
67Financial integration in East Asia / Gordon de Brouwer2003
68Trade and industrial policy under international oligopoly / Sajal Lahiri2003
69Designing inclusion / Edmund S Phelps2003
70Economic policy in the international economy / Efraim Sadka2003
71International financial governance under stress / Geoffrey R D Underhill2003
72Options for global trade reform / Will Martin2003
73Post Keynesian price theory / Frederic S Lee2003
74Productivity growth, inflation and unemployment / Robert M Solow2003
75The dynamics of Keynesian monetary growth / Carl Chiarella2003
76Macroeconomics in emerging markets / Peter J Montiel2003
77Work and pay in Japan / Seiichi Kawasaki2003
78The economics of exchange rates / Jeffrey A Franker2003
79Welfare, choice and solidarity in transition / Jonas Kornai2003
80A theory of economic growth : dynamics and policy in overlapping generations / David De La Croix and Philippe Michel2002
81Fact and fiction in economics / Uskali Maki2002
82Biodiversity, sustainability and human communities / Tim O'riordan and Susanne Stoll-Kleemann (eds.)2002
83The institutional economics of foreign aid / Elinor Ostrom2002
84The role of social capital in development / Christiaan Grootaert2002
85Informality and monetary policy in Japan / Adrian van Rixtel2002
86Monetary transmission in diverse economies / Peter Sinclair2002
87The economics of contracts / Jean-Michel Glachant2002
88Domain conditions in social choice theory / Wulf Gaertner2001
89Modeling aggregate behaviour and fluctuations in economics / Masanao Aoki2001
90The monopolistic competition revolution in restrospect / Steven Brakman2001
91The economics of football / John Goddard2001
92Modeling monetary economies (2nd ed.) / Scott Freeman2001
93Monetary policy in the Euro area / Ignazio Angeloni2001
94Underdevelopment / Paolo Sylos Labini2001
95Capitalist development in the 20th century / Gautam Mathur2001
96Monetary policy transmission in the Euro area / Ignazio Angelon2001
97The methodology of empirical macroeconomics / Kevin D Hoover2001
98Trade policy in developing countries / Edward F Buffie2001
99The economics of art and culture (2nd ed.) / Charles M Gray2001
100The future of e-markets / Martin Bichler2001
101Economics and language / Ariel Rubinstein2000
102Strategic foundations of general equilibrium : dynamic matching and bargaining games / Douglas Gale 2006
103Principles of financial economics / Stephen F LeRoy and Jan Werner2000
104Probability, econometrics and truth / Hugo A Keuzenkamp2000
105Theory of public finance in a Federal State / Dietmar Wellisch2000
106Labour market reform in China / Meng Xin2000
107Internal labour markets in Japan / Kenn Ariga2000
108Money and the natural rate of unemployment / Finn Ostrup2000
109Open economy macroeconomics / Asbjorn Rodseth2000
110Market structure and competition policy / George Norman2000
111Empirical modeling in economics / Clive Granger1999
112Ethics out of economics / John Broome 1999
113Thinking about inequality / Yoram Amiel1999
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