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Title & AuthorYearView e-book
1Innovations in computer science and engineering: proceedings of the fifth ICICSE 2017 / H S Saini, Rishi Sayal, A Govardhan, and Rajkumar Buyya (editors)2019
2Architectural and operating system support for virtual memory / Abhishek Bhattacharjee and Daniel Lustig2018
3 Computer simulations: advances in research and applications / Michael D Pfeffer and Erik Bachmeier (editors)2018
4High-performance computing in finance: problems, methods, and solutions / M A H Dempster [and three others] (editors).2018
5 Energy efficient high performance processors: recent approaches for designing green high performance computing / Jawad Haj-Yahya, Avi Mendelson, Yosi Ben Asher, and Anupam Chattopadhyay.2018
6Parallel computing is everywhere / Sanzio Bassini, Marco Danelutto, Patrizio Dazzi, Gerhard R. Joubert, and Frans Peters (editors)2018
7Embedded computing for high performance : efficient mapping of computations using customization, code transformations and compilation / Joao M P Cardoso, Jose Gabriel F Coutinho, and Pedro C Diniz2017
8HCI for children with disabilities / Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros, Jaime Munoz-Arteaga, Cesar A Collazos (editors)2017
9 Human-computer interaction: fundamentals and practice / Gerard Jounghyun Kim2015
10Introduction to human-computer interaction (psychology revivals) / Paul A Booth2014
11Computer system reliability: safety and usability / B S Dhillon2013
12Modern computer algebra / Joachim von Zur Gathen and Jurgen Gerhard2013
13Experimental human-computer interaction : a practical guide with visual examples / Helen C Purhase2012
14A guide to experimental algorithmics / Catherine C McGeoch2012
15Plasticity in sensory systems / Jennifer K E, Steeves and Laurence R Harris (eds.)2012
16Multimodal signal processing : human interactions in meetings / Steve Renals, Herve Bourlard, Jean Carletta and Andrei Popescu-Bells2012
17Compressed sensing : theory and applications / Yonina C Eldar and Gitta Kutyniok2012
18Data-intensive computing ; architectures, algorithms and applications / Ian Gorton and Deborah K Gracio (eds.)2012
19Density ratio estimation in machine learning / Masashi Sugiyama, Taiji Suzuki and Takafumi Kanamori2012
20Computer vision for visual effects / Richard J Radke2012
21Introduction to genetic algorithms / S N Sivanandam and S N Deepa2008
22Data analysis using SQL and Excel / Gordon S Linoff 2008
23Mobile 3D graphics with OpenGL ES and M3G / Kari Pulli et al.2008
24Information assurance: dependability and security in networked systems / Yi Qian et al (eds.)2008
25Internet multimedia communications using SIP: a modern approach including Java practice / Rogelio Martainez Perea2008
26Networked RFID systems and lightweight cryptography: raising barriers to product counterfeiting / Peter H Cole, Damith C Ranasinghe (eds.)2008
27Algorithmic combinatorics on partial words / Francine Blanchet-Sadri2008
28Nmap in the enterprise: your guide to network scanning / Angela Orebaugh, Becky Pinkard2008
29Nessus network auditing (2nd ed.)/ Russ Rogers (technical ed.) et al.2008
30Nagios 3 enterprise network monitoring: including plug-ins and hardware devices / Max Schubert et al.2008
31Network security: know it all / James Joshi et al.2008
32Performance analysis of queuing and computer networks / G R Dattatreya2008
33Security informatics and terrorism: patrolling the web - social and technical problems of detecting and controlling terrorists' use of the world wide web2008
34Design computing and cognition '08 / J S Gero and A K Goel (eds.)2008
35Foundation Flash CS3 video / Tom Green, Adam Thomas 2008
36Embedded DSP processor design: application specific instruction set processors / Dake Liu2008
37Practical problems in VLSI physical design automation / Sung Kyu Lim2008
38Grid computing: achievements and prospects / Sergei Gorlatch, Paraskevi Frangopoulou and Theirry Priol (eds.)2008
39Simulation and modeling: current technologies and applications / Asim Abdel Rahman El Sheikh, Abid al Ajeeli and Evon M O Abu-Taieh (eds.)2008
40Process algebra for parallel and distributed processing / Michael Alexander and William Gardner2008
41Born digital: understanding the first generation of digital natives / John Palfrey and Urs Gasser2008
42Handbook of real-time and embedded systems / Insup Lee, Joseph Y-T. Leung and Sang H Son (eds.)2008
43Distributed embedded control systems: improving dependability with coherent design / Matjaez Colnariec, Domen Verber and Wolfgang A Halang2008
44Data warehousing and data mining techniques for cyber security (Advances in information security: 31) / Anoop Singhal 2007
45Security for wireless sensor networks (Advances in information security: 28) / Donggang Liu and Peng Ning2007
46Access 2003 : VBA bible for data-centric (Microsoft Office applications) / Helen Feddema2007
47Electro manufacturing Vol 20 No 82007
48Electromagnetics for high-speed analog and digital communication circuits / Ali M Niknejad2007
49Electronic security systems: a manager's guide to evaluating and selecting system solutions / Robert L Pearson2007
50Handbook of power system engineering / Yoshihide Hase 2007
51About Face 3: the essentials of interaction design (3rd ed.) / Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann and Dave Cronin2007
52Human computer interaction research in web design and evaluation / Panayiotis Zaphiris and Sri Kurniawan (eds.)2007
53Data modeling fundamentals: a practical guide for IT professionals / Paulraj Ponniah2007
54Spreadsheets with Excel: learning made simple (1st ed.) / Stephen Morris2006
55Mastering Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / Mike Gunderloy, Joseph L Jorden and David W Tschanz2006
56Encyclopedia of human computer interaction / Claude Ghaoui (ed.)2006
57Ad hoc networks : technologies and protocols / Prasant Mohapatra and Srikanth V Krishnamurthy (eds.)2005
58Access 2003 programming by example with VBA, XML, and ASP / Julitta Korol2005
59Handbook of data structures and applications / Dinesh P. Mehta and Sartaj Sahni (eds.)2005
60The hacker's handbook : the strategy behind breaking into and defending networks / Susan Young and Dave Aitel2004
61Information security fundamentals / Thomas R Peltier, Justin Peltier and John Blackley2004
62How to do everything to fight spam, viruses, pop-ups and spyware / Ken Feinstein2004
63Data compression the complete reference / David Salomon2004
64Data mining techniques : for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management / Michael J A Berry and Gordon S Linoff2004
65Auditing information systems / Jack J Champlain2003
66How to become a successful IT consultant / Dan Remenyi2003
67Newness interfacing companion / A C Fischer-Cripps2002
68Microelectronics: systems and devices / Owen Bishop2000
69Principles of transistor circuits: introduction to the design of amplifiers, receivers and digital circuits (9th ed.) / S W Amos and M R James2000
70Electronics technology handbook / Neil Sclater 1999
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